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40MHz to 2700 MHz bandwidth, 63 dB dynamic range, 0.5 dB accuracy, 500 ns response time, 5 V supply, 26.5 mA quiescent current, it  provides accurate RMS (Root-Mean-Squared) power measurement of a 40MHz to 2.7GHz AC signal over 60dB dynamic range, even with a modulation crest-factor of up to 12 dB   http://www.linear.com/pc/productDetail.jsp?navId=H0,C1,C1011,C1743,P39544

   -  50 Hz to 800 MHz bandwidth, 60 dB dynamic range, 0.5 dB accuracy, 45 ns response time, 5 V supply, 20 mA quiescent current  http://www.analog.com/en/prod/0,,770_852_AD8362,00.html

   - 2700MHz,  dual-channel version of AD8362, it has 7dB better dynamic range and includes an accurate temperature sensor which could be use to even more closely calibrate readings, quiescent current is much higher than AD8362. Suited for complex signals with constantly varying peak-to-average ratios, such as CDMA2000, W CDMA, and TD-SCDMA  http://www.analog.com/en/prod/0%2C2877%2CAD8364%2C00.html

Fast RF Detector - Comparator, 600MHz to 7GHz, temperature compensated, -26dBm to +12dBm detection range, 25ns comparator response time, latched comparator output function, +/-35mV output voltage tolerance over -40 C deg to 85 C deg  http://www.linear.com/pc/productDetail.do?navId=H0,C1,C1011,C1074,P8153

Dual Precision RF Detectors - 300MHz to 11GHz, temperature compensated, >40dB dynamic range, 45dB channel to channel isolation, adjustable starting voltage http://www.linear.com/pc/productDetail.do?navId=H0,C1,C1011,C1074,P9834

LTC5532EDC -
12 GHz RF Detector http://www.linear.com/pc/productDetail.do?navId=H0,C1,C1011,C1074,P2374

High Sensitivity Detector - 60dB RF Log Detector, 50MHz to 3GHz, exceptional stability over temperature, -62dBm sensitivity, 2.7V to 5.25V supply, 38ns setting time http://www.linear.com/pc/productDetail.do?navId=H0,C1,C1011,C1743,P2489

LT5504 -
75dB, 3GHz RF Detector http://www.linear.com/pc/productDetail.do?navId=H0,C1,C1011,C1743,P2218

LTC5530, LTC5531, LTC5535
- Precision 7GHz+ RF detectors - +/-35mV output voltage tolerance over -40 C deg to 85 C deg, -32dBm to +10dBm detection range, temperature compensated   http://www.linear.com/pc/productDetail.do?navId=H0,C1,C1011,C1074,P2470


1320TH, 1821TH -
track/hold amplifiers, sampling track-and-hold amplifiers at 2Gsamples/second for bandwidths up to 18GHz. setting time less than 60pseconds, aperture jitter less than 50fs, 49 pin ceramic BGA package $489 for 1820TH at 1k, $549 for 1821TH with clock select, plastic 24 pin QFN package  $329 for 1320TH and $379 for 1321TH with clock select . Inphi Corp.

Bandwidth 1.9 GHz small signal 1Vpp, 1.5 GHz 2Vpp, slew rate 6,600 V/us, 2 nV/rt Hz, fully differential amplifier, uses 350nanometer CMOS process, $3.75 at 1k http://focus.ti.com/docs/prod/folders/print/ths4509.html 

Bandwidth 3.0 GHz, 2.4 nV/rt Hz, +3 to +5 V supply, 18 mA current drain, HD2 at 10 MHz = -85 dBc (2Vpp, Rl = 100 Ohm), HD3 at 10 MHz = -100 dBc (2Vpp, Rl = 100 Ohm), OIP3 at 20 MHz = +45 dBm, power at 5V = 90 mW, $1.75 @1k. TI's Complementary Silicon Germanium process. Available test data and evaluation module. http://www.ti.com/ths4304    

THS4302 Bandwidth 2.4 GHz, Slew rate 5,500 V/us, IMD3 at 300 MHz is -73 dBc (1 Vpp envelope), noise 2.8 nV/rt Hz, supply voltage 3 V, 5 V.    http://www.ti.com/ths4302

Bandwidth 500 MHz, rail to rail output, 600 V/us slew rate, supply current 5.6 mA, supply voltage 3 to 5.5 V. http://www.intersil.com/highspeed video 

AD8045 -
Bandwidth 1 GHz, slew rate 1,350 V/us, settles to 0.1% in 7.5 ns, 3 nV/rtHz noise, spurious-free dynamic range of 101 dBc at 5 MHz, supply 3 V to 12 V, $1.39/1k, 200 uV input offset voltage, http://www.analog.com/en/prod/0%2C2877%2CAD8045%2C00.html 

Bandwidth exceeding 1 GHz, depending on gain, slew rate up to 1,600 V/us depending on gain, noise 0.95 nV/rt Hz and 2.6 pA/rt Hz, distortion -90 dB at 10 MHz, supply voltage 5 V to12 V, supply current 15 mA, dc offset 1 mV maximum and 0.1 mV typical, temperature range -40 to +125 C deg, packages 3 x 3 mm LFCSP, 8 pin SOIC, $1.98 at 1k. The AD8099 can drive 100 Ohm load and has power dissipation of 1.8 W at room temperature. It settles to 0.1% in 18 ns and 0.002% in 35ns. It has fast overload recovery of 50ns.  Op amp uses an advanced pinout to reduce the mutual inductance caused by the coupling between positive input and negative supply.   http://www.analog.com/AD8099 

EL5167 Bandwidth 1400 MHz, 6,000 V/us slew rate, 8 mA supply current, 160 mA output current, +/-3.8 V output voltage, current feedback, single amplifier in SC-70 package.   http://www.intersil.com/cda/deviceinfo/0,1477,EL5167,00.html#longdesc


TSDF2005W, TSDF2020W
- Silicon, NPN planar RF transistors, 25 GHz, 1.1dB noise, 21 dB power gain, 0.05pF and 0.15pF collector-base capacitance, SOT343, Vcb = 10V, Vce = 3.5V, Veb = 1.5V, 40mW, Icmax = 40mA, $12/100k    http://www.vishay.com/products/rf_transistors/RFTlownoise.html