Special Audio Companies & Products Links                   


NTC Group, Inc. - Silicon Micromachined Microphone (SMM) Chip   http://www.nct-active.com/smm.htm
Knowles - Hearing Aid Microphones  http://www.knowlesinc.com
SiSonicTM Sensor Microphone - up to 50 kHz, 125 C deg  http://www.sspi.com/new/prtemplate.htm
Font Sets - The HT Typeface Collection is a collection of four audio font sets including HT Speakers, HT Microphones, HT Schematic, HT "Audio Stuff"  http://www.ht-audio.com
THAT Corporation - Special Audio ICs  http://www.thatcorp.com
ExpressPCB -  MiniBoard: $59 total for three 3.8" x 2.5" double-sided plated-through pc boards sent by US Priority Mail  http://www.expresspcb.com
LINEAR - LTC1966 New generation True RMS to DC Conversion IC http://www.linear.com
IntelliTouch Guitar Tuner       ARTICLE        http://www.tuners.com