Interesting Sound Links                                       


VoiceSync - Various DONAWARE utilities developed to link voice, image, sound:
- Radionic applications including radionic bach flower, radionic rates, pitch and colour calculation, this is the link between rates and sound.
- Sound Harmonizing Studio, a convenient way to improve concentration, creativity and emotional intelligence in one easy to use program.
- Voice2voice (v2v) balancing tone generation, a natural way of harmonizing with your voice's vibratory essence.
- Sound of matter, a set of vibrational translators (astronomical, molecular, genetic, mineral and radionic).
- Sound of images, hear the sound of an image histogram with optional Solfeggio scale fit.
- Emochords, emotional research using musical chords contained in your voice.
- Voice analysis programs, voice parameters, voice spectrum.
- Sound of Math, understand wave forming laws hearing their related sound.
- Visual experience of vibration through lissajous figures, logarithmic spirals, platonic solids, geostars and voice rings.
- Utilities generate sound of stars, infrared spectrum, drugs, human genome, platonic soilds, minerals, solar system, molecular atoms and geometry from proteins, colors, speech.
- Harrison scale. a musical scale based more precisely in (2^(1/(2*PI))), instead of 2^(1/12) in temperate one, defining two constants for musical fifth (1.494411510) and fourth (1.338319457).
- PHI analyzer. Counts the number of PHI relations in voice frequency formants and displays a graph with its evolution in time.
- CDs with sounds generated by VoiceSync tools as digital radionics, etg, planet tones, brainwaves, and instruments as crystal bowls, Hall quartz didgeridoos, harmonic chanting...   CDs created with specially designed and programmed SW. The core frequencies are extracted of each phoneme that closely match other from different sources, not with normal FFT but using much more accurate Chirp-Z transform, so this is really the accurate vibrational essence of the phoneme and they closely maintain independently from who issues them, but using accurate tools these proportions are much exact and conform a vibrational geometrical patter (sonic mandala)  - A line of electronic devices with memory to tune electric and acoustic guitars, basses, violins, banjos, mandolins and more without interference from ambient room noise, without the use of wires
Early Recorded Sounds & Wax Cylinders & Antique phonographs
Instrument Jokes  
Music of Cyberworld - Music Theory, very extensive link collection
Peruvian Whistling Bottles
Wingmakers - Sounds from Time Capsule?
Walls of Sound
Instrument Builders Pages
Mayan Ruins & Unexplained Acoustics - by by Wayne Van Kirk
Biblical Instrument Series
Exploratorium - Sound, Hearing Exhibit & Phenomenas
BrainWave Generator
Frequency Sensitive Voice Alarm
Biowaves - Bio-Resonance Sound Therapy
Silent Sound - Mind Control Technology
Audio Paradoxes
Loop Recorder Software - Records while recording is being processed & saved
Dissecting the Brain with Sound - by Shawn Carlson, The Society for Amateur Scientists    On AudioScientificServer.html
In The Audio Spotlight - A sonar technique allows loudspeakers to deliver focused sound beams
Ultra Quiet Computer - Carillon Audio Systems, computer noise in great detail, 25 dB SPL computer noise
Healing with sound - Chakras and links. Extensive information, color pictures about chakras, corresponding notes, colors, focus
Glass Music Sites  - Music and Glass Armonica Sites. Extensive collection of links related to sound - health.
Sunreed Instruments - A Variety of Sound Healing Instruments used by various cultures. Singing Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Brass Singing Bowls, Tibetan bells - the Shang - Bon bells, Burmese Wind Gong, Tibetan Tingshas, Shakuhachi, Didgeridoos.
Four Gates - all kinds of healing and relaxation music. Dorjes and Tingsha bells, gongs. Japanese Zen Rin Gongs.
Music for the Walk - a collection of websites with music for setting the environment for personal pilgrimage experience, to accompany a labyrinth walk, a time of mediation or quiet prayer.
Crystal Bowls
Singing Quartz Crystals Bowls for Healing and Empowerment - Bowl tuned to a particular chakra. True notes.
Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation, Inc. - Custom personal in ear personal monitors (IEMs) and ear plugs for the preservation of hearing. Sensaphonics addresses the issue of musicians and hearing loss with custom-fitted earphone monitors combined with the medical advice needed to use them effectively.  Prophonic 2X-S provides 26 dB of isolation from ambient sound.
CEntrance - The MicPort Pro, USB mic preamp, 24-bit/96kHz performance, 48V phantom power, headphone output. No drivers, no batteries, no latency, XLR input, stereo 1/8" headphone jack, USB connection provides all power for switchable Phantom power 48V, 20Hz-20kHz +/-1.5dB, EIN, "A" weighted noise with 150 Ohm source -122dBV, dynamic range 104dB "A" weighted, THD+N 0.01%, input impedance 5kOhm, maximum input -6dBV (min), -40dBV (max), headphone output -4dBV at 16 Ohm, +2dBV at 32 Ohm, $125
SPLnet Systems - SPLmonitoring Unit, hardware platform designed for the Internet, LAN, and wireless communications. PC-based real-time analyzer, sound pressure level display, data recorder.
Etymotic Research, Inc. - In ear technology products for audiometry, otolaryngology & audiology, pediatrics with OAE testing capability.  Special earphones, Insert Earphones For Magnetic Environments. Probe Microphones for insert earphone measurements, otoacoustic emission measurements, real ear measurements, speech-in-noise testing, estimating SNR loss. Companion microphones.