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General resource in acoustics
AudioNova - The W. W. Audio Resource  
Audio Transducers Worldwide - Specs, Comparison Table, Test Data, updated quarterly   Audio Transducers
Audio Op Amps Specs, Comparison Table, updated quarterly   Audio Op amps
The Virtual Times - Audio and Acoustic Links
The Soundry - Everything About Sound
The Fridge - Excellent info about hearing, sound, noise, room acoustics, acoustic design
Acoustics by Dr. Yuan LIU - An Unofficial Introduction
Acoustical Environment Terms
Glossary of Acoustical Terms
Sound and Hearing References
Sound and Hearing References
The Internet Institute for Speech and Hearing
Sound Terms
The TTech Glossary
Acoustics of Spoken Language - Dafydd Gibbon
Rane Professional Audio Reference
Rane Audio and Related Links
1,100+ Audio Related Webpages
HT Audio - All Audio Categories Links
Acoustics & Vibrations WWW Library
Sound Measurement Standards, Equipment
Sound Computation - WWW Pages
EEM/Electronic Engineers Master
Electronics Resources - by Tom Loredo
The Engineers' Club - Online Resources
Engineering Tips Forums
Planet Analog - Analog/Mixed Signal Resource, EE Times Magazine Suplement
Electrical and Electronic Community
AES - Audio Engineering Society
ASA - The Acoustical Society of America
ALMA - Loudspeaker Forum  
GlobalSpec Inc. -  Products Search Engine
USPTO - US Patent and Trademark Office
Thomas Register - Parts Search Engine
Audio Organizations Links
Test & Measurement Magazine
EE Times Magazine
EDN  Magazine
ECN  Magazine
Audio Magazines 1
Audio Magazines 2
Acoustics Books Dealer