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We have put here a collection of circuits, many audio related. While many published circuits are not the finest available solutions today, they represent great ideas. If you would like your circuit or link collection be published here, send e-mail with related material, we will format it and add to our collection. Thank you!     Publish my circuit
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555 Timer by Ron Harrison - Most extensive tutorial we found on the web about 555 timer http://pace.inesc.pt/~eleII/555tutorial.htm
Timer by Ron Harrison - Most extensive tutorial we found on the web about 555 timer http://pace.inesc.pt/~eleII/555tutorial.htm
Circuit 101         Measurement circuit features high Common Mode Rejection

101A_Measurement_circuit_features_high_common_mode_rejection_jpg 72kB
101B_Measurement_circuit_features_high_common_mode_rejection_jpg 109kB
Circuit 102         Simple technique generates precise HART waveforms 

102A_Simple_technique_generates_precise_HART_waveforms jpg 166kB
102B_Simple_technique_generates_precise_HART_waveforms jpg 102kB
Circuit 103         Chip recorder customizes phone ringer 

Circuit 104         Op amp linearizes attenuator control response

Circuit 120         Expanded scale indicator revisited

Circuit 121         Where is the wiper?

Circuit 122         Op amp linearizes response of FET VCA

Circuit 123         Convert voltage to potentiometer wiper setting

Circuit 124         VCO transforms sound card into precision DC coupled ADC

Circuit 125         Low side current sensing circuit uses synchronous V - to F converter

Circuit 126         Use multiplier core for FM stereo multiplexed transmission system

Circuit 127         Shunt capacitance can suppress magnetic headset oscillation

127_Shunt_capacitance_can suppress_magnetic_headset_oscillation_jpg_267kB
Circuit 128         Single_cell lights any LED

Circuit 129         Circuit yields accurate absolute values

Circuit 130         Quickly discharge power supply capacitors

Circuit 131         Two Triggers have flexible time intervals and pulse widths

131_Two triggers have flexible time intervals and pulse widths jpg 192kB
Circuit 132         Circuit 

Circuit 133         Circuit 

Circuit 134         Circuit

Circuit 135         Circuit