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               SPICE  SIMULATORS
ICAP/4Windows - Intusoft
PSpice - formerly MicroSim, now Cadence
TopSpice - by Penzar, $495
Electronics Workbench
ProtoLab - $60
SIMetrix  - Starting at $995
eSeptumİ Waveguide Filter Design and Analysis -
Simulation / VHDL - Links Collection within Electronics Resources by Tom Loredo
Freeware & Shareware Circuit Simulators - Electrical Engineering Software, mostly FREE, Design, Synthesis, Analysis, Microwave Filters, waveguide bandpass filters
AADE FILTER DESIGN AND ANALYSIS - $24.95 or free 10 times evaluation

Nova 686 - free circuit simulator
Written as a design aid for the RF circuit designer, radio amateur, hobbyist, and student. The primary aim of NOVA-686 was for radio frequency design, however this program has proven to be excellent for all analog designs. Not intended to replace Pspice (the defacto standard) NOVA-686 is strong in areas where Pspice is weak, such as: fast analysis rate, circuit optimization, tweaking, S-parameter analysis, and Monte Carlo yield analysis.  Robert Stanton, 15 Church St, Oneonta.NY, 13820,  Phone 607-432-4146.

               FILTER  DESIGN

Filter Wiz PRO and more simulation packages, including Freeware from Schematica. ($199 US) active filter designer A Windows-based active filter design program for engineers, technicians and educators. Combines an extremely effective user interface with a wide variety of filter design choices including 5 Approximations, interactive pole-zero pairing and stage cascading, and over 70 topologies with 1 to 4 active devices. Links to another simulators.