Bioacoustics & Ultrasound & Underwater & Oceanology & Wildlife Links                             


Bioacoustics & Wildlife
Telinga BioAcoustics

Ultrasonic Transducer Library
Ultrasound Lab
Acoustic and Ultrasonic Laboratory
AT& Standards Group
AT&T Laboratories Cambridge - Ultrasonic Location System
Senix Corporation - Non-Contact Ultrasonic Distance Sensors
SXST Noldus Information Technology - Ultrasonic Event recorder
American Technology Corp. - Ultrasound Applications
In The Audio Spotlight - A sonar technique allows loudspeakers to deliver focused sound beams
Information Unlimited - Ultrasonic Devices Dealer
Synchro-Start Products, Inc. - SiSonic Sensor/50kHz Microphone Chip
EDP Company - Ultrasonic Sensors
Information Unlimited - Ultrasonic Receiver HT90
Pettersson Elektronik AB - Bat Detectors
BCI - Bat Houses, Detectors Dealer
Ultrasound Advice - Ultrasound Equipment, Bat Detectors
Bat Science, Sonar

Underwater & Oceanology

NOBSKA - Acoustic Current Meter, 3 Axis Acoustic Current Measurements
Ocean Acoustics Lab
Underwater Sound Software
Dolphins, Whales and Low Frequency Active Sonar Beth
Emkay Innovative Products- Mics up to 18 m under water
UETAX Corp. - RH-328 Dolphin & Whale Microphone System