Audio & Sound Test Equipment Manufacturers & Suppliers Links                      


BrŁel & Kjśr Sound & Vibration
JPO Measurement Links Collection
Harristech Audio Measurement Systems & Components Links Collection
Audio Precision
Head Acoustics
ACO Pacific
Casella CEL   Ltd.
Hasselriis Electronics - Test Head X
Microtronix - Test Head
Akron - Test Head
Hangzhou Parrot Electron Co., Ltd. - Test Head
Listen, Inc. -  QC Test Station for Electroacoustic Transducers
Sound and Vibration Toolset for LabVIEW
TerraSonde - Audio Toolbox, Digital Audio Toolbox, speech intelligibility functions, RASTI, %ALCONS, Noise Dosimeter, RTA filter and more 
Akustik Technologie GŲttingen - automotive testing
K & K International ApS - Acoustic Test Systems for QC
Aihua Electronic Research Institute Hangzhou
Microtech Gefell GMBH
DRA Laboratories - MLSSA Acoustical Measurement System
Euraudio - Pro 600 S, Pro 600, GP 300 Portable sound analyzers
MiniSonic MS1 Audio Analyser, Studio Aid
NTI - Hand held audio analyzer & event recorder, speaker rub & buzz tester
GL Communications Inc. - Voice quality assessment, test equipment for 2-wire and 4-wire phone interfaces
AES - Test and Measurement Links
Caruso - Pro Manufacturers Links
Avalon - Used Audio Test Equipment Dealer
Test Equity - "Half Cube" Smallest Temperature Chamber Dealer
Sage Technologies - Audio Test Equipment & Chambers Dealer
Key2Serial - Windows based program uses hotkeys to execute macros and send commands to the serial port to control serial a/v devices, test equipment            

Turntables & Electrical Rolling Connectors Links

  - LT360 Precision Turntable,  resolution 0.1 deg, accuracy 0.05 deg, 85-265VAC PFC Power Supply, USB, RS-232, TTL pulse per step, Analog position control voltage plus Manual front panel controls, 500 LBs - 230 kg load, platter diameter 16" - 406 mm, $2000
Astech Electronics
 - Rolling Electrical Connectors
Mercotac Inc
. - Rotating Electrical Connectors
Roltran -
Rolling Electrical Connectors
Honeybee Robotics, Ltd. - Rotary Band Contacts (RBC)
C.A.T.S. - Rotor Doctor, Sales, Service, Parts
Old Colony Sound Lab - Rotation System
HD USA. - Cellular Phone Turntables
NAE Co., Ltd. - Rotation Syst. with rem. control, Impulse Resp. Test
Outline - ET2-ST2 System, Turntable system with 2.5 deg step
BrŁel & Kjaer - Turntable System Type 9640, step size 1 deg
Old Colony Sound Lab - Rotation System
HD USA. - Cellular Phone Turntables
NOE Co., Ltd. - Rotation Syst. TT-1000 with remote control, repetition +/-1 deg. Impulse Resp. Test