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Links Collection
Steve Ekblad's Free Audio Software Page and On-Line Audio Tools
EnviroMeasure - Acoustics Software Links
Simtel.Net - Windows Me/98/95 Audio Programs, huge collection - Links collection, audio software, tools and utilities for audio conversion, playback, DJ mixing, CD audio extraction, sound editing and more. Plus everything you need to know about creating your own CDs with CD writing and recording tutorials, walkthroughs and downloads of most major brand software.
Tucows - Software Library 30,000 titles & reviews

Sound Analyzing
Spectra Plus by Sound Technology
HpW-Works by  HpW
Sample Champion by PureBits
The PC based Soundcard Oscilloscope, Christian Zeitnitz. Scope V1.46

Sound Processing & Recording
Dc-Art by Diamond Cut Productions
Waves DeEsser Plug-In Demo
Waves - Renaissance Vox, Renaissance Bass and Renaissance DeEsser
Cakewalk - Sonar, Home Studio 2002
CD Recording - All Makers
Terratec Promedia - 512i Digital, 4 ch.
PowerTracks Pro Audio 7 - 48 ch. software mixer
Loop Recorder - Records while recording is being processed & saved
Total Recorder
Skyhawk Technologies - Cybercorder 2000
Sound Recorder - Dozens of software records audio streaming from any source into mp3, wav, wma, ogg, and other audio files
MP3 Decoder - Lists software to convert MP3 files to WAV files

Audio Composing & Editing - Develops audio editing, composing and generating software like Wave Editor, Composer, Kids Composer, Generator, Orchestra. Some of packages allow conversion among file formats WAV, MP3, WMA, AU, RAW, SND and more. Music @ keyboard related and more. Low cost $15 to $20

Room Acoustics & Sound System Design
DIENCA - Room Acoustics Software: Alfa
Norsonic - Software for Building Acoustics
Akkus - Room Acoustics Software: Cara
Speaker Software - Links Collection
Morset Sound Development  - WinMLS up to 20s Pulse Response Software
Acoustics Engineering - Room Software
AkAbak - Electro-Acoustic Simulation Software
JBL - CADP2 Modeling Software
IFBsoft - ULYSSES© Room Software creates acoustics models
Akustikon - Ray Tracing Technique
Bertrand Johnson Acoustics Inc. - Rapid Speech Transmission Index
CATT-Acoustic - a room acoustics prediction and auralization

Speaker Measurement Software
JPO - Speaker Building Links
MacSpeaker 1.6: Loudspeaker Measurement Software
Speaker Workshop - Test and design your own loudspeakers

Logging Data & Environmental Noise
Ptolemy Services - Jade 2.4 Data Logger Software

Wavemakers - Speech Recognition
Clarity - "Clear Voice Capture"™ Technology
SIA - Smaart Acoustic Tools 4
The Speech Intelligibility
Intelligent Speech Analyser™ (ISA) Software

Speech Recognition & Synthesis
SIA Software Company, Inc.
Cornell University - Human-machine interaction
Bertrand Johnson Acoustics Inc. - RSTI for Speech Intelligibility
Eloquent Technology, Inc. -  ETI-Eloquence text-to-speech
STC, Speech Technology Center - Caesar Transcription Software
Text  to Speech Voice Synthesis Software Links
Texas Instruments - Telematics  SRS Voice Intelligibility Processor (VIP)
Training & Use of Voice Recognition Software

Speech Theraphy
Bungalow Software - Speech Therapists Software
Apraxia-Kids - Speech & Sounds to Graphics Software

Miscellaneous Audio Software
GlassWare - Audio design for tube circuitry
Acoustics Software - and scientific
Speaker, Sound System Software - Old Colony Online